DIY Upcycled Applique Sweatshirt

Darice caters to small business owners and makers with low minimums and a freight-included program. If you’re not ready to start buying wholesale, at least make sure you’re getting the best retail price possible from Darice’s sister business Consumer Crafts. I feel like marbling has had it’s fads over the years and still comes and goes but I’ve always loved the way it looks. I tried the nail polish method a few years ago but could never get the results I wanted. When I found out that Darice was hosting a class at Craftcation using these Easy Marble paints I knew I had to try it out for myself! I’m a craft manager and usually don’t get to participate in any of the fun crafts while at Craftcation, so I got to do that here ? Let me show you how I did it. -Wooden Beads in various shapes and sizes like these -Various cording of your preference -Nylon, Leather, vegan suede, or even cotton yarn like this -Split Ring Key Chain Rings: These work great. Wooden Skewer sticks Washi Tape For the Marbling: Easy Marble by Marabu in various colors. These are what I used: This basic set, the sunset set, these spring colors and these metallics A Shallow plastic container (mine came from the dollar store) filled at least half way with room temperature water Gloves Scrap piece of card stock to pick up left over paint Optional- Deli Sheets or Parchment paper to pick up left over paint WHAT TO DO: 1. Prep your skewers with the beads. If your beads have a larger hole you can wrap some of the washi tape around the top of the skewer to make it bigger and so the bead will fit more securely. Also make sure your kitty is supurrvising (ha ha) you.3. Use your scrap piece of paper or deli sheet to pick up any of the excess paint & repeat. I like using the deli sheets to pick up larger amounts of paint, you can then use those to display as art, in art journaling, mixed media crafting etc. As I dipped the beads I sat the skewers upright in a tall container to let them dry, this is a better idea then laying them flat so that any wet paint doesn’t transfer onto anything else. 4.Once your beads are completely dry you can create your keychain. Take a split keychain ring and put the string/cording that you are using though it, I didn’t really measure here since once your beads are strung you can cut it to the length of your choosing. Pinch the ends of your cording together at the bottom and start stringing your beads in an order you like. If you’re having trouble getting the cording though the hole of the bead you can wrap some Washi tape tightly around the ends to make in smaller or more pointy to make it through the hole easier. Once I had the beads on the cord the way I wanted them I tied the ends of the cord into a simple knot and cut off the excess cording, and you’re done! These are so fun & easy to make, the options are really endless and they would make great little last minute gifts too.

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